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New GRE Contextual Vocabulary
New GRE Contextual Vocabulary
Author: Research and Education Association
Edition/Copyright: 2012
ISBN: 0-7386-0903-X
Publisher: Research and Education Assn.
Type: Paperback
Used Print:  $11.25
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Are you taking the New GRE?
Then you need REA's
New GRE Contextual Vocabulary

Focused Vocabulary Prepfor the New Exam!

REA'sGRE Contextual Vocabularygives GRE test-takers a fun and easy way to improve their vocabulary skills before taking the exam.Designed for anyone who needs help with their GRE vocabulary, this unique study guide combines a traditional GRE vocabulary review with interactive puzzles and games. The word games include inference-to-meaning, fast-facts anecdotes, minimal parts, word scrambles, grammar stretches, and more! The chapters alternate between games and puzzles and strategy and high-frequency GRE word lists.Unlike other study guides that only contain a list of vocabulary words,our book lets you test your knowledge of must-know GRE terms in a contextual format.Learning GRE vocabulary from a fun and stress-free book helps you improve your skills, so you can score higher on the verbal section of the GRE.

REA'sContextual Vocabularyis a must-have for anyone taking the new GRE!


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