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The exceptional depth of coverage, combined with the power and breadth of the Internet, makes the search for information using the award-winning Encyclop�dia Britannica Online easier and more exciting. The new user-friendly interface provides more organized and richer results. Additional features including news headlines, safe web sites, engaging multimedia, and custom workspace make Encyclop�dia Britannica Online Academic Edition the comprehensive resource your users need. Designed for all levels of learning, Britannica Online offers students a gateway to the vast resources of Encyclop�dia Britannica.

InfoTrac InfoTrac College Edition

InfoTrac College Edition, an Online Research and Learning Center, offers over 10 million full-text articles from nearly 5,000 scholarly and popular periodicals. Articles cover a broad spectrum of disciplines and topics- ideal for every type of researcher.

PowerSearch PowerSearch

PowerSearch Study Guides are powerful yet affordable databases providing information focused exclusively on your area of study, saving you precious time and helping you get the best grade. The database is available 24 hours a day seven days a week, accessible via any Internet connection.

A subscription to a PowerSearch Study Guide offers:
  • Increased ease and speed in meeting your homework needs.
  • Exclusive digital content that is customized around a specific subject - for your convenience in targeted research.
  • Access to accurate and authoritative resources that combine comprehensive reference, periodical, and news sources in a single, easy-to-use interface.
  • Precision searching, combined with powerful recall of search history and award winning content, creates a powerful system for all students.
  • Consistent and automatic citation generation makes citing sources a snap.

Questia Questia

There are 10 books and 15 articles that you think will be perfect for your term paper. But you'd have to be an Olympic weightlifter to carry them all. And who has time to read each one just to find what's relevant?

With Questia, there's nothing to carry, and using our comprehensive search you can easily get relevant sections in over 67,000 books and 1.5 million articles on nearly every subject imaginable. Not to mention a complete encyclopedia, dictionary and thesaurus. And unlike other online book search tools, there are no limits to how much of OUR books you can read. In fact, you'll have access to the entire text, anytime you want.

Add to that online highlighting, note taking, bookmarking, and instant citation and bibliography capabilities in any one of seven formats, and you've got yourself an incredible enhancement to your research productivity.

Best of all, you can find Questia anywhere you can access the web. So don't miss out - try Questia today. Questia. Faster, easier research!
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