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Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4: Examination 70-515 - With CD
Author:  Northrup, Tony
ISBN:  0-7356-2740-1
Edition:  2011
Used Print:  $52.50

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Along These Lines, Flordia Exit Test Editon
Author:  Biays, John / Wershoven, Carol
ISBN:  0-13-514749-2
Edition:  4TH 07
Used Print:  $64.25

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Are You Prepared to Teach Reading?: A Practical Tool for Self-AssessmentYou Prepared to Teach Reading?: A Practical Tool for Self-Assessment
Author:  Zarrillo, James
ISBN:  0-13-222051-2
Edition:  2007
New Print:  $40.00 Used Print:  $30.00

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Athletic Training Exam Review: A Student Guide to Success
Author:  Van Ost, L.
ISBN:  1-55642-854-5
Edition:  4TH 09
Used Print:  $42.75

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Test of Essential Academic Skills, Version V -Study Manual
Author:  Assessment Technologies
ISBN:  1-933107-98-7
Edition:  2010
New Print:  $48.00 Used Print:  $36.00

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Author:  Postman, Robert D.
ISBN:  0-7641-4312-3
Edition:  4TH 10
Used Print:  $14.25

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Barron's Texes
Author:  Van Tassell, Frances
ISBN:  0-7641-4380-8
Edition:  2ND 10
Used Print:  $16.50

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Becoming a Middle School or High School Teacher in Texas
Author:  Nath, Janice L. / Cohen, Myrna
ISBN:  0-534-63801-5
Edition:  2005
Used Print:  $113.75

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Certification Examination Review for Pharmacy Technician - With CD
Author:  Johnston, Mike / Gricar, Jeff
ISBN:  0-13-510973-6
Edition:  2ND 11
Used Print:  $62.50

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Chart Your Success on Compass Test
Author:  Callahan, Carol / Commander, Nannette / Cotter, Walter
ISBN:  0-89892-302-6
Edition:  3RD 05
Used Print:  $48.75

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Barron's E-Z Chemistry
Author:  Mascetta, Joseph
ISBN:  0-7641-4128-7
Edition:  5TH 09
Used Print:  $12.75

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Civil Discipline-Specific Review for the FE/EIT Exam
Author:  Kim, Robert / Spriggs,Thomas A. / Li, Michael R.
ISBN:  1-59126-177-5
Edition:  3RD 12
New Print:  $90.75 Used Print:  $68.00

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Clinical Skills Documentation Guide for Athletic Training
Author:  Amato, Herb / Hawkins, Christy D. / Cole, Steven L
ISBN:  1-55642-758-1
Edition:  2ND 06
Used Print:  $44.25

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Company Officer
Author:  Smoke, Clinton H.
ISBN:  1-4354-2725-4
Edition:  3RD 10
New Print:  $100.00 Used Print:  $75.00

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Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN
Author:  Hogan, Mary Ann
ISBN:  0-13-262107-X
Edition:  2ND 12
Used Print:  $53.25

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Control. Foodserv. Costs - With Exam Sheet and Guide
Author:  National Restaurant Association
ISBN:  0-13-507238-7
Edition:  2007
New Print:  $48.50

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Controlling Foodservice Costs - Text Only
Author:  National Restaurant Association
Edition:  2ND 13
New Print:  $77.50 Used Print:  $58.00

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Cracking the Praxis
Author:  Princeton Review
ISBN:  0-307-94494-8
Edition:  2ND 12
Used Print:  $15.00

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CET Study Guide
Author:  Risse, Joseph
ISBN:  0-07-052933-7
Edition:  4TH 96
Used Print:  $26.25

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Developing Clin. Proficiencies In Athl..
Author:  Knight, Kenneth / Brumels, Kirk
ISBN:  0-7360-8361-8
Edition:  4TH 10
Used Print:  $44.25

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Test Codes for UDT
Our Price  $1.00
(Access Keys will be delivered via email within 24 hours once your order is approved. Access Keys are non-returnable.)

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English Language, Literature, and Composition
Author:  Educational Testing Service
ISBN:  0-88685-252-8
Edition:  2003
Used Print:  $18.75

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Spanish B for IB Diploma - With CD
Author:  Thacker, Mike
ISBN:  1-4441-4640-8
Edition:  2012
New Print:  $55.75

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Environmental Discipline-Specific Review for the FE/EIT Exam
Author:  Naimpally, Ashok V. / Rosselot, Kirsten S.
ISBN:  1-59126-018-3
Edition:  2006
New Print:  $78.40

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Essential Rules for Bar Examination Success
Author:  Friedland
ISBN:  0-314-17678-0
Edition:  2008
Used Print:  $32.25

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